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About Us


High Vibrations Skincare and Wellness 

About the brand:

Welcome to Gigi’s Botanics, formerly known as Just Gigi’s LLC Skincare and Wellness brand. We created a new image with the same great products and formulas now focused on vibrational wellness with crystal infusions and the energetic power of healing botanicals.


What is vibrational wellness?

The high-vibrational frequency of crystals are excellent tools for raising the vibration of other substances they are paired with-medicinal and spiritual plants, and nourishing all-natural ingredients (butters, oil and extracts). While this is something that cannot be scientifically measured or proven, we believe its impact can be felt on a spiritual level. By incorporating crystal-infused products into your daily wellness routine, we like to think you're choosing to bring high vibes into everyday life.


The basic laws of physics teach us that everything in the universe is made of energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Crystals vibrate at a very high frequency, and humans—for a variety of different reasons—vibrate at a much lower one. When we bring crystals and plants into our space, it causes our frequency to elevate, allowing us to reap many different benefits, specifically to our health and well-being.

This is where the term “high-vibrations” comes from.


Our Mission:

Gigi’s Botanics is built on passion, quality and integrity. Every small batch of our product was lovingly handcrafted based on the following principles:

-Organic and cruelty free ingredients: We pride ourselves on using certified organic ingredients whenever possible and ensure our products and ingredients are always cruelty free.

 -Transparency: All of the Ingredients are always listed on the labels as well as on the website.

 -You: To cultivate high vibrations through self-care, Gigi’s Botanics embodies the idea of allowing your inner light to shine through!


About the Founder

Our Founder Gigi (Gyongyver in her native language) grew up in Transylvania surrounded by nature and simple beauty. Once she moved to the US in 2003, it became apparent that the beauty and skincare industry worked very differently from the one she was used to. At that young age, she didn’t put much emphasis on skincare products. Only when her first born arrived did things change. She started reading the labels, researching all sorts of ingredients, going back into the herbalism she grew up with (life taught herbalist) and drawing beautiful memories of her grandmothers making their handmade soaps and herbal concoctions.

But life had a few other plans before she was going to embark on the Green Beauty Journey. She was called to finish business school with high honors at Bentley University, and was to become one of the many Businesswomen working for Corporate America. However, the Universe/God had other plans again for Gigi as she was expecting her second child.

One day, frustrated that the baby products were not completely void of toxic ingredients and that her eczema has gotten a lot worse, and nothing seemed to work, she began making her first batches of shea balms! She instantly fell in love.

That’s when the magic started happening. That was that moment when she realized her calling to high vibrational green beauty formulations!

Gigi studied 2 years with Formula Botanica to obtain the Organic Skincare certificate and she continues to educate herself and always brings value to her passion which she means to share with the world.

When she is not in Gigi’s Lab (which is her area that is designated area to formulate), she is enjoying an active life with her 2 boys and her husband. Being in her garden, passing on her love of nature and all the splendors of our Mother Earth. She loves cultivating her spiritual life, meditating and infusing with crystals all over her house. She believes in the magical Moon and all the Moon circles she can have! Her soul family of women are an immense source of positive and high vibrational energy that she wishes to pass onto more women who meet with her either by using her botanical products or meeting her in person at one of the markets in and around the Northeast USA.  

Proud member of the Indie Business Network as well as Formula Botanica.